“An air pollution health advisory alert has been issued” by the MPCA

Code Yellow bad air is forecast from Wednesday through Sunday in the Twin Cities, and from Wednesday through Friday for Rochester.   But, the current conditions map shows bad air throughout Minnesota.  For reasons that are unclear, forecasts are issued only for the Twin Cities and Rochester.

Note also that Code Yellow begins at an Air Quality Index of 51, and the forecast for Monday in the Metro and Saturday/Sunday in Rochester is 50.
(Note, though, that “current conditions” are not always exactly that because rolling averages are used.)
Text here:  including:
“Health Impacts: Exposure to high levels of fine particles has been linked with both respiratory and cardiovascular health effects. Fine particles may exacerbate pre-existing health conditions and may cause individuals to experience chest pain, shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing or fatigue.  [Also, strokes, heart attacks, etc.]  If you experience these symptoms, contact your physician.”

Another note: We are subscribed to these notices at two different email addresses but was unsubscribed from both of them by the MPCA with this note:


You have made the following changes to your Minnesota Pollution Control Agency subscriber preferences.

    * Your subscriber preferences for Minnesota Pollution Control Agency have been deleted. You will no longer receive email from
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency at this address.
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This is not for the first time.  Apparently one can’t count on the PCA’s email distributions.


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