Aug 9th Primary: Howe and Hudson

Note:  I sent this as an email yesterday.  The election results:

Natalie Hudson prevailed with 65 percent of the vote.  Michelle MacDonald received 20 percent and Craig Foss 15 percent.

Howe got 14 percent of the vote compared to 49 percent for Jason Lewis.  So the upcoming general election will be Angie Craig vs Jason Lewis.

This is a more overtly political than I would typically emit, but the circumstances seem to justify it.

In today’s primary, sitting Supreme Court Justice Natalie Hudson faces two unqualified/unfit challengers.  Details in this Minnpost article:

The Minnesota Supreme Court primary may be the most important election nobody’s heard of

A vote for Hudson seems the only reasonable choice.

In the Second Congressional District, longtime incumbent John Kline is retiring.  Four people are contending in the the Republican primary today.

The candidate presented as “leading” in the mainstream media has a long history of extremist nutwad ravings.  By far the most reasonable and credible candidate is John Howe of Red Wing.  I have known Howe as Mayor of Red Wing and as a state senator.  Howe has shown some interest in environmental concerns and as Mayor, some willingness to stand up to Xcel Energy.   People supporting these concerns are in very short supply in Red Wing.

When Howe left the MN legislature, he worked for the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators.

In Minnesota’s open primary system, any voter can, if they wish, vote for Howe in today’s primary election.  (There is no competition on the DFL side, where Angie Craig has the party endorsement and no primary challengers.)

See more information in this Minnpost article

In Second District Republican primary, four candidates compete for (probably) not a lot of votes

Please note that this is NOT an endorsement of any Republican over Angie Craig in the general election.  Republican control of the US House of Representatives has been disastrous.  But, there is an opportunity today to support one of the few reasonable people left among the current crop of Minnesota Republicans.


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