Will GMO foods be labeled?

An important issue is playing out in the US Senate this week.  The issues is whether our foods will be labeled as to whether they contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

The State of Vermont has adopted a pioneering law requiring such labeling that does into effect on July 1st.

Note that this controversy is not about the pros and cons of GMOs, but only about labeling them so people can make their own decisions about consuming them.

From a Minnesota point of view, the key point is that our two senators, Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken, are under huge pressure from big-ag and big-food interests to help kill labeling by voting for a meaningless federal bill that would override the Vermont bill. Continue Reading →

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GMOs: Transparency or Monsanto? Sen. Klobuchar selling us out?

An important issues is playing out this week in the US Senate.   Monsanto–yes, that symbol-of-evil corporation-has been fighting hard to block a Vermont law calling for labeling of GMO containing foods.  The Vermont law goes into effect on July 1, 2016.  For background, see “The Tiny State Of Vermont Is Forcing GMO Labeling Nationwide.”  Another good resource. Continue Reading →

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“Reader’s view: Devil is in details of Clean Power Plan”

On May 9, 2016 the Duluth News Tribune ran a letter I sent them a few days ago. With enviro/energy wonk orgs in Minnesota heavily penetrated by industrial interests, and the state agencies dancing to the tune of the utilities, there is real potential for the “Clean Power Plan” to do more harm than good.  We need to pay attention and think for ourselves.
The chief danger is that the CPP could be used to promote smokestack facilities burning fuels much worse than coal: “Biomass” and garbage. Continue Reading →

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“5 Questions about [Garbage Burner] Ash Mining in Red Wing”

City of Red Wing officials are screwing up yet again:

Some more background here.

Watch the video, then please sign the petition:

Demand NO ASH MINING in Red Wing ….



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The City of Red Wing–home of the Plume and the Black Blob?


(Image Kare 11) Continue Reading →

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Pros and cons of gun ranges … letter written to the Red Wing City Council


I wrote this to the City Council because I live here and nobody seemed to be mentioning the issues that I think really matter.  None acknowledged it.  None brought up any of these issues in a long and tedious meeting.  Nobody seems to be minding the store or looking out for the best interests of residents.   Worth noting is that one of the people behind the gun range proposal is Jason Sebion, recently resigned from the City Council.  The promoters want to buy a large city-owned building for $1000.  My concern, per usual, is for health and welfare issues ignored by all the council members.  None of this has anything in particular to do with how one feels about guns in general.


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“Lawsuits Charge that 3M Knew About the Dangers of Its Chemicals”

What it really means when Minnesota’s courts and regulatory agencies service special interests.  Another 3M scandal in which I had some involvement was the expanded burning of hazardous waste at the 3M haz waste incinerator in Cottage Grove.  In that business, the MPCA also acted as a servant of 3M rather than a protector of Minnesotans.  Of course it is generally easy for elected officials, courts, and regulators to stomp on individuals and small businesses.  The real test of integrity is how they behave when confronted with powerful special interests such as 3M, Xcel energy, or US Steel.   From what I can see the record is pretty bad, with Attorney General Lori Swanson looking better than some others.


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Red Wing again: Incinerator ash plan and actions behind it are toxic

This letter was in the Red Wing Republican-Eagle this week.


Late in 2015, the idea of mining garbage incinerator ash for metals in Red Wing surfaced, and on Dec. 10 the Eagle published my letter opposing the idea. That letter can be read here. Continue Reading →

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Kushner Kronicle Kontinues

The absurd and shameful prosecution of civil liberties attorney Jordan Kushner by the City of Minneapolis continues.  Surely this is a major negative on Mayor Betsy Hodges’ record, compounding her unwise retention of City Attorney Susan Segal.

The latest episode involves the filing of pre-trial motions.  I’m posting these here: Continue Reading →

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Anti-smokestack resolutions “disappeared” by Goodhue County DFL operatives

At the DFL (Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party for the edification of my non-Minnesotan readers) precinct caucuses on March 1, in Red Wing, Minnesota, various resolutions were presented, as is customary.  These are supposed to make their way up the organizational hierarchy of the party, and help determine the state “platform.”  It’s supposed to be democracy in action.

(The good news  from my point of view is that the precinct, in a generally conservative area, was overrun with Bernie Sanders supporters, and the state as a whole went for Sanders over Clinton.) Continue Reading →

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