Update on Washington/Ramsey county garbage grinder/incineration scam

For some reason the links to the Eureka Recycling videos did not work on the email.  But they work fine from the web post, so go there to see them.

The two county board meetings are at 9:00 am Tuesday morning the 22nd.

Washington County:

“The public is invited to attend and participate in Washington County Board Meetings, which are most Tuesdays at 9 a.m. in the Board Room at the Washington County Government Center, 14949 62nd St. N., Stillwater.” and “South Washington County Telecommunications Commission web streams all Board meetings to view online.”  Map of location.  I could not find a detailed agenda.

Ramsey County:

Room 22o, Courthouse, 15 West Kellog Blvd, St Paul

The agenda has seven items related to the incinerator scheme.  There is no indication that public comment will be allowed.  I suspect it will not.

Incinerator emissions and pretty pictures

Take a look at the pic below.  This is how the commissioners of Ramsey and Washington counties burn their garbage in Red Wing and (Mankato).  Whatever happens tomorrow, this fight is far from over…..

Xcel Energy 1940s coal plant burning garbage from Ramsey and Washington counties in Red Wing (Goodhue County). Permit expired since June, 2009

Xcel Energy 1940s converted coal plant burning garbage from Ramsey and Washington counties in Red Wing (Goodhue County). Permit expired since June, 2009  Close to 1.5 million pounds of regulated, health-damaging air pollutants belch our every year (not counting carbon dioxide  emissions).

Some emissions numbers from the MPCA for the Red Wing burners:

Carbon monoxide  121,399 pounds

Lead                                    69 pounds

NOx                        1,212,168 pounds

PM10                      21,046 pounds

Sulfur dioxide        101,949 pounds

Ammonia                149 pounds


acid                        16,040 pounds

Chromium             18.11 pounds

Manganese            20.22 pounds


Red Wing Total                                             1,472,958 pounds

Rough total Mankato                                  1,791,161 pounds

Combined total:  3,264,119  Well over three million pounds of health damaging air pollutants.


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