Great news from Green Bay, WI — garbage burner permit revoked

[People in Green Bay have put up a great fight against this burner scheme.  One should not assume the fight is over, as it sounds like there could be a veto, but this is still really good news.  Note that the reporter uses misleading terminology such as “trash-recycling energy plant.”  /am]

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City Council revokes permit for trash-recycling energy plant

More than a year after approving a trash-recycling energy plant development, Green Bay aldermen have revoked a permit for the controversial project.

Bowing to vocal public opposition to the alternative energy concept, the City Council voted 7-5 tonight to take action effectively killing the project.

Several aldermen said they felt developer Oneida Seven Generations Corp. had misled the city about the proposed plant’s pollution and public health hazards.

“As time went on, things changed drastically,” said Alderman Tom De Wane, president of the City Council.

An attorney for Oneida Sevens Generations declined to comment after the vote.

Mayor Jim Schmitt, a vocal supporter of the plant development, said he would consult with city attorneys before deciding whether to veto the council action, which would then require a two-thirds vote to override his veto.

The council in March 2011 approved a permit for the project at 1230 Hurlbut St. on the city’s west side.

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