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Minnesota is rich in blogs, and alternative media such as The Uptake .  Is another blog really needed?  Good question!   My main reason for setting it up is to have a place to archive and link to various emails and posts.

Minnesota is fortunate to have solid systems of environmental regulation and protection, but those systems are in collapse.  Republicans and many DFLers are hacking and slashing away, reducing public participation, handing out permits like airline peanuts ….  This poisonous stuff comes from the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Tea Party interests, and other forces-of-darkness interests.

Do Minnesotans, as a whole, know this is happening and support it?  I think not.   Is the mainstream “environmental community” fighting back effectively?   Make your own judgement on that.

While this site has my name on it, setting it up has been a collaborative effort of Muller, good friend and colleague John Schatz of St. Paul, and my partner Carol Overland.   Thanks, John and Carol!

Take a look at Carol and John‘s sites.

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Alan Muller

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